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At the Driver Education Network, we understand that one size doesn't fit all, so our courses, coaching methods, and workshops cater to various transportation companies' operations.

Are complex training programs causing frustration?

Do your supervisors feel overwhelmed by camera events?

Are you searching for workshops that genuinely teach the skills you need?

Count on Driver Education Network to meet your needs

To stay ahead of the curve in today’s increasingly hazardous transportation industry, you need an efficient and effective driver training, camera event management, and education program that meets your drivers, when and where they need it.

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Driver training

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Camera Event management

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Education &


Driver Training Courses

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  • Our video courses are designed to be engaging and interesting, delivering training that is created by certified teachers, truck drivers, and industry safety experts.
  • Our concise videos appeal to 21st century learning styles and bring a unique perspective on truck driving that can only be found with the Driver Education Network.
  • We send training directly to your driver and track completion for you! The course is delivered directly to your driver’s phone, tablet, and email.
  • Lost login names and passwords are a thing of the past! No more puzzling over who took the training and who didn’t. No more guessing who is up to date and who isn’t. With the Driver Education Network, it’ll be crystal clear. There will be no doubt.

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Camera Event Management

Affordable, Engaging, Camera Management:

At Driver Education Network we offer camera management solutions that are effective, affordable, and drive results. We are experienced with the following camera programs; Truck Spy, Lytx, Samsara, Motive, Netradyne, Seeing Machines and many others.

Let our 50+ years of combined safety management experience be your defense in properly managing your vehicle cameras. Our clients trust us to provide driving behavior data that can be used for coaching and to improve driving habits.

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Workshop Series

Learn from seasoned professionals who will share their expertise, real-world experiences, and success stories.

Current Workshops:

  • Transportation Supervisor Summit-Hooked on Leadership
  • DOT Bootcamp
  • Simple Fixes, Big Wins: Enhancing Safety & Performance through Behavior Change

Erie, PA

July 10-11th,2024

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Survive and Thrive


Workshop Series 2024




Southern CA


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Denver, CO

September, 2024

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Dallas/Fort Worth

March 5-6-7


Drivers, Supervisors, and Leaders trained, coached, and mentored



sites across the United


27 Defensive Driving Courses

Meet Our Team

Johnny Mullins

Chief Executive Officer

With over 30 years of experience in warehouse, transportation, safety, and leadership, Johnny brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every collaboration. As a result, he is known as a “turn around” specialist in the industry. From small company collaborations, to large operations that generate up to $800 million annually, Johnny has used his expertise and strong leadership skills to improve processes and build high performing teams that provide great service while generating high profits.

Jon Stanley

Chief Business Development Officer

Over the last 20 years, Jon has worked as a driver for Sysco Foods, transportation manager and safety director for Shamrock Foodservice, and Director of Transportation for Sygma Network. After becoming an expert in the transportation industry, Jon took his skills and experience to the insurance industry. Jon discovered his extensive background in insurance risk management and transportation helped owners who are struggling to fill the void in their safety programs effectively and efficiently.

Cindy Simpson

Chief Learning and Development Officer

Cindy is passionate about helping people and believes that effective training is essential to the success of any organization.

Designs and delivers training programs on topics such as defensive driving, employee engagement, performance management, conflict resolution, and diverse topics in education.

Extensive experience in coaching and mentoring to individuals and teams to help them improve their skills and achieve their goals.

BA/MA Education


Jesse Staley

Chief Process and Innovation Officer

Jesse adds a unique perspective to the Driver Education Network team. He is creative, driven to grow, and extremely empathetic to others needs. His experience is broad and varied from being a welder, stock broker, musician, college professor, graphic artist, entrepreneur, earning his MBA, safety specialist, and now partner in a fast growing safety management company. Jesse is a renaissance man of sorts and perfectly suited to influence positive change in others.

Strategic Partners

Strategic partners play a pivotal role in Driver Education Network by providing valuable resources, expertise, and collaborative opportunities. These alliances further support you by enhancing our capabilities, filling gaps in our operations, and fostering innovation.


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